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Qingdao Travel Guide

March 30, 2020 by VacStay Vacation Rentals

Qingdao Vacation Rentals

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Qingdao Travel Guide

Qingdao, is regarded by some Chinese as one of the most beautiful and clean cities in China. It has a population of around 3.5 million (8 million regional) and is the largest city in Shandong Province. The name Qingdao means The Blue/Green Island. In 2012, Qingdao was named China‘s most livable city.

Qingdao has some wonderful beaches worthy of visiting. Unfortunately, litter is a problem at all of them, ranging from the occasional cigarette butt to having to wade through a flotsam of trash just to get into the ocean itself. Your experience will vary depending on the tides and the time of year you visit. During summer weekends, Qingdao city beaches are very crowded (sometimes upwards of 100,000 people), and slightly less crowded on summer weekdays. Again, these can be packed full of people during the weekends. Bring sunscreen, while you can buy beach toys, food, drinks, and knick-knacks at any of Qingdao‘s beaches, surprisingly no one sells sunscreen at the beach itself. You can find bathing beaches all along the seaside from the Zhanqiao Pier to the Shilaoren Beach in the eastern suburbs.

Da He Dong is a lake in Laoshan mountains. It’s well worth the trek, and it’s a very beautiful lake in which you can swim.

Qingdao International Beer Festival, held at the end of August every year, is a celebration of Qingdao‘s brewing heritage. During the daytime, there are official ceremonies that celebrate Qingdao‘s heritage as well as carnival type rides, food and games. In the evening, the event really picks up as crowds flock to huge tents set up by each beer company with a presence in China. One can sit down and order beer or snacks. The price of food at night during the festival may be beyond budgets of some. One can also watch (or participate in) various performances such as karaoke, concerts, auctions, or comedy. The entertainment itself is tame and bland. The International Beer Festival, unfortunately, no longer seems to have much of an international presence save the beer. Much of what you see now can be found at any Chinese carnival, park or civic celebration.

Best time to visit Qingdao

Qingdao lies in the transition zone between humid subtropical and humid continental climate and it is influenced by the east asian monsoon. Generally, the city experiences milder climate than the interior of the Shandong peninsula and the interior of the chinese plain, due to the maritime influence of the Yellow Sea. Winters are cold and windy, with the average January temperature being -0.5°C (31.1°F). When the northern winds become stronger temperatures might fall to around -8°C (17°F) and if they interact with rain patches, they can produce light snow. Winters isn’t that bad of a season though as it isn’t very cold for chinese standards and the city looks beautiful after snowfalls. Qingdao experiences almost a month-long delayed spring due to the sea influence and when summer come the weather isn’t very hot. The average July temperature is 25.3°C (77.5°F) which is way cooler than the ones found throughout northern China. Also, in contrast with cities like Weifang, Jinan or Beijing temperatures do not often climb above 32°C (90°F). The highest recorded temperature is 37.4°C (99.3°F), (for example the highest recorded temperature in Harbin is 38.2°C (100.3°F)). Most rainfall also falls during this period, mostly as downpours. Pollution is also not that much of an issue in the city and most days remain clear of smog. Overall there is no real best time to visit Qingdao as there are plenty of different things to see and enjoy year-round.

Qingdao Vacation Rentals : Holiday Lettings in Qingdao

Qingdao vacation rentals make visiting Qingdao more fun. You can enjoy all the comforts of home while visiting Qingdao. Choose a luxury villa, vacation condo, or home rental by staying in fully furnished vacation rentals. There are exciting destinations for the whole family to enjoy everywhere you go in Qingdao, from the top down and make it your home away from home. Who knows, you must say “Vacation in Qingdao” that it remains one of your best trips so far! Find your perfect rental property with VACstay, choose the best deal for your stay.

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