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Addis Ababa Travel Guide

April 7, 2020 by VacStay Vacation Rentals

Addis Ababa Vacation Rentals

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Addis Ababa Travel Guide

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s sprawling capital in the highlands bordering the Great Rift Valley, is the country’s commercial and cultural hub. Its National Museum exhibits Ethiopian art, traditional crafts and prehistoric fossils, including replicas of the famous early hominid, “Lucy.” The burial place of the 20th-century emperor Haile Selassie, copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral, is a neo-baroque architectural landmark.

Set above the city is 3,200m, eucalyptus-covered Mount Entoto, offering far-reaching views. In the city center, major attractions radiate from popular gathering place Meskel Square and the Piazza district, known for its jazz clubs. The miles-long, open-air Merkato bustles with vendors selling coffee, spices and handicrafts, and lies nearby popular Grand Anwar Mosque. Octagonal St. George’s Cathedral, completed in 1911, is distinguished by its colorful murals by native artist Afewerk Tekle. Occupying Haile Selassie’s former palace and surrounded by gardens, the Ethnological Museum showcases many Ethiopian cultural artifacts.

When to visit Addis Ababa

Peak travel is Jun–Aug, most of which falls during the city’s rainy season (Jun–Sep). Daytime temperatures are mild to warm year-round, with cool nights. Key events revolve around the Orthodox Christian calendar. The city is busy for Timkat (Jan 19 or 20), an Epiphany festival celebrating Christ’s baptism. Meskel (Sep 27 or 28) marks the discovery of the True Cross with flowers, bonfires and religious gatherings.

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