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North Korea Travel Guide

April 3, 2020 by VacStay Vacation Rentals

North Korea Vacation Rentals

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North Korea Travel Guide

North Korea officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK is the world’s most isolated country and one of the most repressive and underdeveloped. It’s located in East Asia on the Korean Peninsula, which has been divided between North and South Korea since the 1950s.

Travel provides the opportunity to see the last frontier of the Cold War, where a society still runs under a strict Stalinist governance with an emphasis on the military, and economic development lags visibly behind the other nations in the region. Tourists may only travel to North Korea as part of a guided tour as independent travel is not permitted. Visitors are constantly monitored in order to ensure their interactions with local people are managed, so as to prevent activities such as taking “unsuitable” photos, criticism of North Korea, disrespect towards the Great Leader, or talking to locals without permission.

About 1,500 Western tourists visit North Korea every year. Most complete the journey without incident, as long as they follow their ever-present guides. Incidents have occurred, and when they do then due process is hard to come by. The most likely consequence of any trouble with the authorities is a period of detention before deportation. You should not travel to North Korea if you are not prepared to accept severe limitations on your movement and behavior.

When to visit North Korea

The climate is generally classed as continental, with rainfall concentrated in summer. Summer months are warm, but winter temperatures can fall as low as -30°C. Late spring droughts are often followed by severe flooding. There are occasional typhoons during the early autumn.

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North Korea Vacation Rentals

North Korea City Places to Stay in North Korea
  Pyongyang   Pyongyang Vacation Rentals

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