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Puli Travel Guide

March 29, 2020 by VacStay Vacation Rentals

Puli Vacation Rentals

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Puli Travel Guide

Puli is a township of Nantou County, in central Taiwan. It sits in a verdant basin, ringed by mountains. The Geographic Center of Taiwan monument marks the exact center of the country. The Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology has a greenhouse with live butterflies and houses many insect and butterfly species. North of town, the huge, modern Chung Tai Chan Monastery has Buddha statues, a teak wood pagoda and a golden dome.

In the east of town is Carp Lake, surrounded by willow trees and forest trails. To the west, the Kuang Hsing Paper Factory offers tours and hands-on experiences in paper manufacturing. The Puli Brewery Factory traces the history and manufacture of the region’s renowned Shaoxing wine. The town is also a base for trips to the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, to the east, known for its hot springs and colorful maple trees. To the south, nearby Sun Moon Lake is a popular resort, home to herons, kingfishers and other birdlife in the surrounding forest.

Puli is located in a very lush and beautiful valley with many hiking trails, and its central position makes it a logical base for visiting the mountains and lakes in the area.

Puli is famous for its four ‘W’s – water, wine, women and weather. Being located in a pristine mountain area, the local spring water is pure and sweet and sold in bottles at supermarkets around the island. The abundance of fresh, clean water lent itself to the production of wine – the second ‘W’ – while the exceptionally fine complexions of the town’s women folk, which some theorize is the result of the local water, constitutes the third ‘W’. Finally, the fourth ‘W’ refers to Puli‘s ideal climate, which is characterized by short and relatively dry winters and cool summers.

Possibly as a result of the mild climate, the town has developed into a center for Buddhism. There are large monasteries scattered throughout the valley, while the mountain-sides provide havens for retreat centers and hermitages.

Puli‘s prosperity is closely related to the nearby famous lake, which you will notice from the modern buildings and cars here.

Best time to visit Puli

Puli has a warm, temperate climate with hot, rainy summers (Jun–Sep) and mild, dry winters (Dec–Feb). Hill mist is common in fall (Oct–Nov) and winter.

Puli Vacation Rentals : Holiday Lettings in Puli

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